Details About  Cisco catalyst 2960s switches 

Cisco catalyst 2960s are among the leading vendors of Ethernet-based network equipment. Cisco was formed by three companies, namely Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and Bell Laboratories in 1978.

Catalyst is the general brand for all types of network switches, including wireless access points and virtual LANs sold by Cisco Systems. While commonly associated with older Ethernet switches, some other network interfaces were available during the history of this brand. Among these was the SPA or Smart Port, which was a virtual port that was designed to simplify network management.More information: WS-C2960S-48TS-S Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960S 48 Port Gigabit switch Managed

A switch is a specialized piece of equipment used in the design and maintenance of a network. It is designed to give users and administrators the ability to configure, monitor and manage their network. In its most simple form, a switch consists of multiple independent Ethernet ports that are either wired or wireless. A switch has two main sections: the physical side, which are the physical connection between the Ethernet ports of the switch, and the logical side, which provide the configuration to connect the physical Ethernet ports of the switch to the networks. The physical side can be configured with routing tables, IP addresses, network adapters and ports for VLANs.

There are several types of switches. A full-featured managed switches are ideal for organizations where administrators need to perform extensive monitoring. These switches are often referred to as enterprise level switches since they have the ability to manage traffic on a virtual dedicated port, or VDP.

A mini-switch is also known as an integrated switch. It is usually smaller in size than full-featured switches. It may also include features that can help manage the performance of a larger switch, such as the ability to create a virtual dedicated port and control the routing table used for forwarding network traffic.

Other varieties of Cisco catalyst 2960s include hardware-based switches that utilize hardware rather than software to enable management. These switches usually include more features than virtualized or managed switches.

Cisco catalyst 2960s can be configured with various features, such as IP security, firewall, load balancing and virtualization. Some features require additional hardware, and in this case the installation cost may be high. Some features may not be required by some business applications, while others can provide better functionality and reliability for particular purposes. For example, a Cisco switch can be configured to offer virtual private LANs that are protected from external access.

A virtual private LAN offers the ability to create a private network that is separated from the Internet. This feature allows network administrators to provide dedicated network access through a specific private network. It is very useful for applications such as VPN or IP telephony. Private networks can be created either on a physical computer network or in the physical form.

Cisco catalyst 2960s have proven themselves as highly reliable and dependable network devices and are popular for providing many important functions, including remote access, business telephone service and Internet access. As a result, a number of manufacturers have started to create customized Cisco catalyst 2960s to meet business needs.