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It is easy to feel down when you suffer an injury whilst playing sports, especially if it is going to keep you out of action for some time. However, one of the best ways to aid a quick recovery is by maintaining a positive outlook. Mental strength is key to helping physical injuries heal, so here are a few tips on how to stay positive while recovering from sports injuries.


Many athletes feel like it is the end of the world when they are not allowed to train normally, but it is easy to lose sight of all the good things in your life. Try to turn negatives into positives. You may not be allowed to run for 6 months but you could spend that time getting to know your friends better or playing with your kids. Build and strengthen your relationships with people that are close to you, and you will draw strength from the support that they give back. Make a list of all the good things in your life, and what you have achieved so far. Look at the list whenever you are feeling particularly low and it should help remind you what a brilliant person you actually are.


A lot of people recovering from sports injuries try to push themselves back into training far too quickly. It is important to listen to your doctor as your body will heal at its’ own pace, and you don’t want to risk doing further damage by returning to action too soon. Focus on what you want to achieve once you have recovered, and plan exactly how you’re going to go about achieving it. Having something positive to aim for in the future will help maintain a healthy outlook, and give you motivation to recover properly. Keep smiling and remember that things could be far worse. Surround yourself with upbeat people, and keep in regular contact with your sports club so that you’re raring to go when you’ve recovered.

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